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The Bow Tie Guy

Kayla Jenkins

Kayla Jenkins is an artist of Mi 'kmaq descent from Niagara Falls, ON. She attended Niagara College in 2014 for Art & Design Foundations. A self-proclaimed renaissance woman, she will work in any medium she can get her hands on: from sculpture and watercolour/acrylic paints, to graphite, coloured pencils, printmaking, etc. Heavily influenced by the Surrealist and Art Nouveau movements, Jenkins primarily explores themes of culture/identity, femininity, and societal norms through portraiture.

Facebook: Art by Kayla Jenkins

Instagram: @kayjeart

Ron Whitman

Rod Standish

Mixed Nuts with Rosemary

Mixed Nuts With Rosemary recipe: Stir carefully with lots of spice, adding Wayne Hosick, Rick and Yvonne Harris and Rosemary Cote.

Mixed Nuts With Rosemary is a trio of talented musicians who call the Niagara Region home. Their musicianship with dynamic vocal harmonies has been bringing enjoyment to retirement residences in the region for many years. Their repertoire covers timeless classics, pop standards and hits from rock n' roll's infancy. The listening experience is memorable, with continuous requests for return engagements.

YouTube: Mixed Nuts with Rosemary

Midlife Crisis

Josh Cornell

Josh Cornell is a poet, philosopher and acoustic singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Niagara Falls. though he now hails from Thorold. His style ranges from 90's-era grunge to a more contemporary folk punk sound. You can regularly catch him playing in the forest somewhere, or busking at your local grocery store. He's also been known to hit up an open mic or two. You can check out some of his tracks here:

YouTube: Josh Cornell

Pay No Mind

Pay No Mind refuses to be ignored, their eclectic set will send you on a roller coaster ride of emotions and genres. You will want to pay attention to Pay No Mind.

Facebook: Pay No Mind

Vee Da Bee

Vee Da Bee was born in Houston, TX and ventured up to NY for college. She has been playing and performing for about 15 years now. 

Her style is eclectic, citing influences like SRV, Fleetwood Mac, Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, George Strait, and so many more. 

Singer/songwriter? Nope. Vee Da Bee is far from Cafe; she entertains and amuses, as her day job is a radio jock for a local Top 40 station.

Vee Da Bee is coming to us all the way from Ithaca, NY!

Facebook: Vee Da Bee

Two Guys with Guitars

Two Guys With Guitars was officially launched after a band naming party on the 5th of December 2015. The roots of this acoustic duo date back to 1990 when Michel Guignard and Brian Le Breton first met as Canadian Air Force Technicians in Bagotville, QC. Both worked at 433 Tactical Fighter Squadron Squadron as armament technicians and found common ground in the fact that they both joined the military from their hometown, Bathurst, N.B. and the fact that they both played guitar. Soon after they met, the music connection began and they started playing for events such as the Base Theater Variety Show, the "Thé des Cocottes" comedy show at the Warrant Officers and Seargent's Mess during the winter carnival and at local parties. Military postings and career changes kept Michel and Brian in different locations until the summer of 2015. The two remained in contact and strengthened their musical connection through playing as a duo on vacation during the summer with family and during the winter while enjoying the sun at several all-inclusive resorts. With no official name yet, they continued to gather friends from across the globe on their personal Facebook pages. Newly colocated in the Barrie, Ontario area, they set out to put their years of music on the market to expand their group of friends to anyone that enjoys a good "Down Home" party from a couple of more "matured" Maritimers. A party was put together in December 2015 to have their friends, gathered over the years, help them officially select "Two Guys With Guitars" as their duo's name. Thanks for reading and they hope to see you at a venue near you in the future!

Facebook: Two Guys with Guitars

Ashlee Standish

Miss Ashlee Standish is a bluesy pianist that loves making alternative rock covers her own on keys. A multi-instrumentalist & private music instructor... she is a busy lady who's life revolves around music, her son and her community involvement with the arts and is a part of local non-profit Niagara Arts Showcase.

Ashlee is currently working on recording her first EP this late summer and looks forward to releasing it into the universe this late fall.

Facebook: Miss Ashlee Standish

Ken Buttle Sr.

Ken is a singer/song writer/acoustic guitar player. Genre: Folk, Country, Alternative. He is self taught from the age of 13, and has studied at: The Ontario Conservatory The Royal Conservatory The Bond School of Music Ken has played many local establishments (ie. The Americana, Howard Johnsons, Best Western, The Anchorage...and has enjoyed playing at several weddings/dances, including one where he was commisioned to write and perform a wedding song.

Facebook: Ken Buttle Sr.

Jessica Wilson

Canadian singer/songwriter Jessica Wilson is a promising and ambitious young artist from Welland, Ontario. Having acquired a passion for performing at a young age, this multi-instrumentalist and triple threat performer can be found playing acoustic shows around Ontario in a variety of establishments at diverse events. Some of her major accomplishments include singing with Juno-Award winning artist Serena Ryder at a concert held with Metric and City & Colour in Niagara. Jessica is also a 2013 Honey Jam Canada emerging artist, and was selected by American radio personality, television host, and producer Ryan Seacrest as the international winner of his "March Music Madness" cover contest. Jessica has just released her first pop album titled "Sincerely" and is super excited to be sharing it with the world!


Facebook: Jessica Wilson Music

Instagram: @itsjesssicahere

Clarke Bitter

Rafik Guirguis

Evan Rotella

David Matthews

Sara Lou Stuart

Sara Lou is an artist and writer from Niagara Falls. Primarily a storyteller, she explores visual poetry through her raw and colorful paintings, and paints moving pictures with words in her writings. She draws inspiration from nature, darkness, motion, the circus, and the road. Her works are dreamy and haunted, playful and surreal. She has also been known to watch clouds, walk dogs, and waltz in the air.

Cameron Lee

I am a Singer, Guitarist and Songwriter. I perform original music. As well I perform fresh, often surprising, acoustic guitar covers of classic rock and popular songs from artists such as Pink Floyd, Joe Jackson, The Beatles, Supertramp, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, and many more current and classic rock artists. I perform on stage, on the street and at private and corporate functions. I provide live sound for hire. I live in Welland.


Facebook: Cameron Lee Musician

Twitter: @seeleemusic

Instagram: @seeleemusic

Jimmy Pearson

Psalmist Davy

Psalmist Davy has won the highest award in Canada for a gospel recording he did back in 1991. He believes there is power in praise, prayer and worship. He only does gospel music as that is what he was called to do. Psalmist Davy brings in His presence by playing skillfully upon the stringed instrument and using his voice to proclaim His goodness, mercy and love. Qualities that everyone needs to feel today. If you have not felt the Spirit move strongly for a long time, consider having Davy the Psalmist come for a service. You will be refreshed spiritually!

Alex Edmondson

Alex Edmondson is a killer hidden local talent. Stuck in an era before his own, playing an altered arangement of blues. old timey folk, with punk, and rock n' roll influences.

Facebook: Alex Edmondson

Caroline's Caricatures

Starting in grade school as most artists do, caricature artist Caroline Holroyd’s talents have taken her far from doodling in class and clandestinely sketching high school teachers. The proprietor of Caroline’s Caricatures has since drawn the likenesses of the famous and non-famous alike, travelling as far as Swaziland in southern Africa, where she got to draw and draw with children at a local mission. While she draws for gifts, both traditionally and digitally, her favourite is drawing live, whether it is at a wedding, a birthday party, a community, corporate, or any event request. Some of those creations portray some of Canada’s most famous citizens including Prime Minister Stephen Harper and actor Christopher Plummer. “I have drawn a few celebrities live. The first one was of Gordie Tapp at the Stouffville farmers market.” says Caroline. “ I have also drawn some old time hockey players." Of cours everyone is a natural model and to draw at such a furious pace while maintaining accuracy requires focus and attention. Having drawn thousands of caricatures over the years Holroyd obviously has a love for it. “I love the interaction with people,” she says. “One comment I often get is ‘you’re always smiling’ and my return comment is ‘and so are you.’ Living in and operating out of Niagara Falls you can find her at local events such as Canada Day and the Santa parade, and you can see her work on Facebook.Zack Tiessen


Whiskey in the Bunker

Porchfest is happy to have Whiskey in the Bunker return for the 2nd year! Alicia Macoretta and Adam Keller make up the band known as Whiskey in the Bunker. We have each been playing music since our teenage years and have been playing together for a little over a year. We both grew up being raised by parents who listened to the classics, Guns and Roses, Led Zepplin, Janis Joplin and everything in between. Our same love for that music has blossomed into a passionate performance by Whiskey in the Bunker. Our greatest influence is Neil young which we play a lot of. We are an acoustic duo covering everything from, of course, Neil Young to Alice Cooper, from 4 non blondes to even Michael Jackson.

Facebook: Whiskey in the Bunker

Jeff Bond

Ed and Mike

Katey Gatta

Miss M

MissM Williams has been playing and performing music for 18 years. She is a self-produced multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist. Her original music has been described as a cross between acoustic rock and soul. Her music can be found under the name MissM Williams on many social media platforms. Emily appreciates the passion of creativity in every single way. One of her biggest passions is seeing other like-minded creators doing what they love to do and helping them to create a masterpiece they can be proud of.


Eric James

OkThe 6 times great grandson of famous outlaw Jesse James, Eric James puts flesh to the bones of folk music, with a mix of originals and covers, many of which come from the depths of history. A gravelly voice and thunderous right hand make up the bulk of his style, his live performances are peppered with stories and jokes in the style of the greats who came before him. He's been called "the ghost of Townes VanZandt" for his story telling, pull up a chair and have a listen. Aside from playing solo, Eric is part of the Sights and Sound collective of musicians and artists, combining live music with live visual art with his dear friend Heather Fraser, as well as being the drummer in local band Slumber Dust. Eric is excited to participate in the second incarnation of Porchfest. Freedom, love and music. Life is good.

Facebook: Eric James Music & Sights and Sound Project

Still Sinking

Still Sinking formed in 2015 when 2 awesome dudes ( Christopher Wiley & Cody Jacob Simms ) working at a Canadian coffee shop shared the same interest in music and depression... Still Sinking was born ...Since we have been at Sea we have Seen lots that no one could ever believe but we have been shipwreck... Christopher did not survive the Tragic turn of events and is LOST AT SEA...however the Captain Did ... A True Captain Sinks With His Ship...

SoundCloud: Still Sinking - You Got Me

TheHouse of Haunt

The House of Haunt is a traveling show of freakish delights. The Master of Ceremonies, known only as The Red Duke, traveled vast distances and the eternity of time and space to bring to the viewing public three of the most gruesome, mysterious, and melodic terrors man has ever laid eyes on. From the time where sandy pyramids challenged the blue skies and human lives were sold by the thousands, Fang, a notorious slave driver was plucked from his perch to serve the House of Haunt with his resonant voice and nimble fingers. The Red Duke sold his soul to The Devil Himself for the acquisition of his demon daughter. Now Spike has retired from her fiery torments to add her ample talents to the spectacle. To drive the act together into a pulsing, raging unity The Duke scoured the earth. He created Skull by stitching together parts of murder victims he found in the lowest bowels of mankind. With his addition the show gained its pulse. Together these four damned creatures create a spectacle that surpasses any known form of entertainment.Spirals


Facebook: The House of Haunt

Chris Saylor

Musician, singer/songwriter, and recording artist from June 1996 to present, performing at various clubs, bars and festivals in Southern Ontario, and recording at various studios as singer/musician.

Chris's signature powerful voice and melodies accompanied by his infectious rhythm guitar and riffs make for a freshet familiar sound guaranteed to stop any random listener in their tracks.

Facebook: Chris Saylor

Anvil Strike

Strings Attached

CD Onofrio

Kerri Michalica

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